The Lamia and the Dragon Part Fifteen


Haram wiped the sweat from his face. He had dropped down with Lorak and Trant to pull the young-ones to safety after their crazy fall, but his mind kept returning to the ledge above, returning to the memory of the last free Turmerix left in this hive, handing him the talon, returning to Lucina.

The dragon’s talon was three-foot long, curved like a scimitar, sharp enough to flense the skin from a man’s flesh and strong enough to tear through rock. It had power, this claw of a beast long thought extinguished, magic was formed into its matrix.

Lucina! Even there, standing on that ledge, looking at her in the form of giant insect, he had felt the call of her.

She was gone now….

Go to Tales of the Shonri if you want to read more of this story

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