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STEPHEN GODDEN WRITES SPECULATIVE FICTION. He reads pretty much anything. He uses the second to fuel the first. (And writes this stuff in the third, because somebody told him that he should and he didn’t like to argue.) Other than that, Steve’s just a bloke of independent penury and incidental personality.

He uses the name Stephen Godden for the Fantastical end of the spectrum and the name TF Grant for the Science Fictional end of the spectrum.

About Strip-Mining Möbius

This is my hub blog/site, everything from my other sites and anything else noteworthy (in my estimation) will be highlighted here. Sometimes, for blog posts on Walking the Duck, or new stories on my Fiction sites, this will be the first paragraph or so plus a link to the full piece. Other times, for shout-outs and promotional stuff it will be a full post.

There is reason to this madness. It gives people a one-stop-shop for everything. Follow this blog and you won’t miss anything. However, if you just want to read new Tales of the Shonri or Other Stories, or you just want to read my Writerly Pontifications (though God alone knows why) then follow those sites individually and the marketing and promotional stuff on this one will never trouble your in-box.

It’s an experiment. It may work, it may not, but it’s certainly an idea.

3 responses to “About

  1. wfransson

    Steve, thanks for the link.

    I like your site and your approach, even if the genre presented up front (fantasy) is one I sadly find no time for these days (there was a time, however, many moons ago…).

    For even the genre you refer to as Science Fictional I find the hours too fleeting. One might say I’ve had to leave Electric Sheep behind in favor of the more uncompromising mistress epitomized by Valis.

    Having said that, I’m glad to have run into you “over there” and hope to stay in touch, either over here, or somewhere else. I’ve signed up for updates to facilitate that.

    After all, who knows what the brave new future holds!


    • Quite late, and so I ended up reading your comments in the wrong order.

      Yeah, I work pretty exclusively in the Speculative Fiction genres. It’s the way my mind works.

      Glad to have met you too.

      Upwards onwards, and what the hell I’m here now, may as well do it anyway 🙂

  2. wfransson

    Awesome, and btw, I’ve still got a strong affinity for both genres you work in, I just ended up in different trenches. Cheers!

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