Published Work

Full Length Novels

Kinless Book One of Two — Published by Firedance Books (2013)

Drustan left his homeland in disgrace but now he is back to fight for his people against vicious invader, while hoping to avoid the woman who betrayed him. The woman he still loves.

A dark gritty mainstream fantasy novel with a strong romantic core.

Novellas and Short Novels

Tales of the Shonri: City of Lights (a short novel) — Published by Firedance Books (2012)

The Shonri seek to stop the Magi from gaining a weapon against them.

The Shonri are magically enhanced warriors fighting against the hegemony of the Magi. Contains: fantastical creatures, gritty combat scenes, and some sexual content.

Short Stories

Geronimo [T F Grant] — Published in a Fox Pocket Anthology: Piracy. (2013)

They hacked his mind and left him bereft.

To Kill a Wolf — Published in The Firedance Anthology: Words that Burn. (2013)

Yanol goes up against a Sorcerer.

The Ragged Dancers [T F Grant] — Published in The Firedance Anthology: Words that Burn. (2013)

Nope, not a clue how to describe this. You’ll have to read it.

Pride ain’t Nothing — Published in Best of Writerlot Anthology (2012)

Gwil meets a Shonri and gets some payback.

Belonging [T F Grant]— Published in Crime Net Anthology (2012)

Lucius and Felix investigate missing children in the flooded valleys of South Wales.

Chug-a-monkey — Published in Broken Worlds Anthology (2012)

Teenage angst, fraudulent slang, and made up games.

Entanglements [T F Grant]— Published in Broken Worlds Anthology (2012)

Lucius and Felix investigate a particularly nasty murder on the Broken Queen.

A Posturing Fool — Published in of Altered States Volume One (2012)

A short story about a man not really dealing with grief.


4 responses to “Published Work

    • Thnak you, it’s a start 🙂

      Took a quick glance at your site, very impressed. I’ll have to back at some point this week (not enough hours in the day at the moment) and take a closer look.

      Oh, nice to meet you, BTW


  1. wfransson

    Wow – what a wealth. Care to recommend a starting point? Note, for hints into this reader’s mind you may wish to review the post I just left on your “about” blog.

    • It’s not really a Wealth, tbh, mostly shorts only the one novella published so far. I’m proud of all my work, or it wouldn’t be out there…but ‘Ragged Dancers’ is by far the MOST out there 🙂

      The City of Lights is a good way into the Shonri Tales (and the ebook is only 0.99$).

      I have a real soft spot for Lucius and Felix, the characters in ‘Entanglements’ and ‘Belonging’ too.

      But really, read the free stuff first, mate, it’s a little rougher around the edges, because they haven’t been through a full-on editing process, but they work. (at least i think they do anyway)

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