Kinless Book One of Two

Kinless Cover ebook

It’s not how you fight, it’s why you fight. 


Let the fight dictate the moves. Do not plan: act. Do not think: be. Let the fight dictate the moves. Drustan opened his eyes and threw the spear with a surge of practised muscle. He lifted his swords and leapt into the clearing.

They broke his sword, they cast him out, and still he returns to fight for them.

 Rejected by his people, stripped of his honour, betrayed by the woman he loves, Drustan desainCoid is naught but a sell-sword. But when an army of demon worshippers attacks his homeland he will risk all that he is, all that he holds dear, to deny them victory.

‘If you like your spec fic/fantasy books with a darker side and with authentic military detail, you’ll want to buy this.’ Jae Erwin, author of Stillness Dancing.

‘Another stunning and vivid tale from master world-builder Stephen Godden.’ Gary Bonn, author of Expect Civilian Casualties.

‘Godden gave us a taste of his skills in last year’s City of Lights. Here he delivers a full-length novel (two actually, because there’s more to come; hurrah!) and he doesn’t disappoint. Reading Kinless is like watching a film inside your head. The scenery and situations are vividly real, and you can almost form personal relationships with the vivid cast of characters. This is intelligent, engaging storytelling, in which the goodies make you cheer, the lovers warm your cockles, and the baddies chill the blood (and gave me nightmares). Military types will relish the meticulous detail; for me, it’s the unfolding relationships that make this such an enjoyable read.’ Janet Brown, author of The Walker’s Daughter.


Kinless Book One of Two published by Firedance Books

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